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The Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO and PURE ONE S11 are a powerful duo designed to tackle post-holiday messes and keep your home in top condition. The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO offers powerful and thorough washing for hard floors, while the PURE ONE S11 provides superior vacuuming capabilities. Together, they provide a comprehensive cleaning solution, ensuring your home is back in order with minimal effort. The combination of these two advanced cleaning tools makes post-holiday cleanup a breeze, allowing you to enjoy a clean and tidy home with ease.

Bundle contains:

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Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Tineco CA
$999.99$699.99SALE 30%

  • Smart Vacuum And Wash In One Step
  • Effortless use with SmoothPower self-propulsion system
  • Water and battery run simultaneously for up to 40 minutes
  • Dual-sided enhanced edge cleaning

  • Tineco iLoop™ smart sensor technology
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Tineco PURE ONE S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Tineco CA
$449.99$299.99SALE 33%

  • Featuring iLoop(TM) Smart Sensor technology, PURE ONE S11 detects hidden dust and debris and auto-adjusts suction power in real time, for up to 2X longer runtime and complete cleaning confidence.
  • High performance, ultra-quiet digital motor delivers 130W of strong suction. Clean quietly with less disturbance to family and pets.
  • Up to 40 minutes runtime, PURE ONE S11 is perfect for uninterrupted whole house cleaning.
  • Cordless and lightweight, PURE ONE S11 easily converts to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments to clean stairs, cars, furniture and more.
  • Onboard color LED display and connected Tineco App monitor cleaning progress, battery levels, and suction performance for an intelligent cleaning experience.


Please Note: We are not able to deliver this item to P.O Boxes!

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